Fun idea: Rave Bingo is coming to Sydney

Is it a rave? is it a show? Is it a club? Is it even Bingo? Apparently it's all of the above.


Bongo’s Bingo – a part Bingo part rave phenomenon which is currently sweeping through the UK – will make its debut in Sydney on 23 June.

The event (which is nothing like the traditional  enjoyed by an older generation) is pitched as a “chaotic and ironic version of the normally sedate game” and incorporates rave intervals, dancing on tables and pretty much letting loose.

By the end, organisers say players will leave asking: “Is it a show? Is it a rave? Is it a club? Is it actually even Bingo?”

Spice News was told: “It is a bit of them all really, and much more”.

The event’s co-founder Johnny Bongo will make a special appearance at the Sydney debut to call out the numbers, play hands-in-the-air and dancing-on-the-tables tunes as well as incite plenty of revelry with packed audiences.

Perfect for those seeking a different kind of night out, the show challenges the more traditional concepts of going out with chances to win everything from big cash prizes to a Hills Hoist – and lots of other amazing and not so amazing things in between.

A Melbourne tour will follow, with tickets across both locations to be released for presale over the coming weeks. Venues are yet to be announced.

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