5 reasons to visit Canberra this winter

As truffle season kicks off in a fragrant flurry of dirt, here are five reasons to head to the capital this winter.
Jayson Mesman and one of his trusty truffle dogs
Jayson Mesman with one of his trusty truffle dogs

As truffle season kicks off in a fragrant flurry of dirt, here are five reasons to head to the capital this winter.

  1. Truffle hunting at The Truffle Farm
    Truffle season runs from May to August and is currently in full swing. Touted as the only truffle farm located in a city centre, this sophisticated enterprise in Mount Madura has plenty to offer groups. With cooking classes offered by executive chef Damian Brabender, a fixed marquee for up to 40 people and group capacity for up to 280 people at a time onsite, there’s not much owner Jayson Mesman and his trusty truffle dogs won’t do to impress visitors. There are plans to build a French provincial barn that will fit 300 people, as well as seven luxury lodges on the property, so stay tuned for future developments.
  2. Hotel Kurrajong Canberra turns 90
    Home to legendary Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley for 12 years, the hotel formerly known as ‘Hostel 2’, was built as accommodation for parliamentarians. Architect John Smith Murdoch’s design began construction in 1924, eventually opening in 1927. It became the unofficial hang-out for the Labor Party in the years that followed, with many nation building deals being struck over the breakfast table in what is now the ballroom. Today the hotel has been restored to a glorious state, has an exceptional selection of whiskies in the bar and an open fire in the lobby. The official 90th birthday celebrations will take place on 23 July, 2016.
  3. Fiona Hall’s Wrong Way Time exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia
    Direct from the 2015 Venice Biennale, Fiona Hall’s Wrong Way Time exhibition at the NGA provides Australian audiences with the first opportunity to see this major international event at home.The show features the miniature sardine can sculptures that Hall is known for, as well as a number of mixed media sculptures, dioramas, lithographs and paintings.
  4. Vibe Canberra Airport’s award-winning design
    Designed by architects Bates Smart, owned by Canberra Airport and managed by TFE Hotels, Vibe Canberra Airport has been likened to New York’s Guggenheim gallery with its circular interior atrium. With a number of private event spaces including ground level boardrooms with natural light, the hotel also offers rarities like a circular lounge with a central fireplace in Helix Bar that is available for private bookings for up to 20 people.
  5. Frugii Dessert Laboratory
    Whether you use them to cater dessert for your event or you simply add a visit to a city tour itinerary, this unassuming shopfront is the brainchild of a  science teacher and his wife. The real magic happens in the tasting; black truffle, lemon myrtle, musk and the ultra popular salted caramel are among some of the interesting icecream flavours on the ever-changing menu board. There’s also a range of desserts, including very fancy icy poles, that would impress little kids and big kids alike.

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