Trends in audio visual and event production

AV1 managing director Nigel Mintern outlines the five trends in AV and event production that are helping clients embrace the future.

As the heartbeat of the events industry quickens with innovations, staying ahead is not just a choice, but a necessity. The future of events is dynamic, engaging and filled with possibilities.

AV1 is on a journey where trends are not just observed, but embraced.

Here are five trends shaping the landscape of the events industry.

1) LED design: Illuminating creativity

Step into a world where LED design transcends the boundaries of the conventional 16:9 screen format. Picture a stage set that becomes a canvas for presentations and video content – an immersive experience brought to life by the energy efficient brilliance of LED.

Think beyond screens and build monumental structures, create custom shapes, and let the visual impact speak volumes.

The modular nature of LED lets you fashion pillars or unique configurations while pairing it with a reflective black stage (as seen in the photo above) which can elevate the impact to the extraordinary.

2) Mobile-first content: Shaping a new narrative

Bid farewell to conventional slide formats and embrace the mobile-first content revolution with portrait screens for LED walls and projectors.

The era of portrait screens is here so optimise visual impact and call back to phone-based content, delivering a familiar yet radically different audience experience.

AV1 managing director Nigel Mintern. Photo: AV1.

3) Shorter events: Impactful brevity

In a world where time is precious, events are following suit. Whether virtual or in-person, shorter sessions are the new norm. Keynotes that were once a marathon at 50 minutes now distil the essence in a power-packed 20 minutes, leaving room for dynamic 20-minute Q&A sessions.

4) Gamification, interactivity and personality: An engaging symphony

The stage is set for a new dimension of engagement. Gamify your events, introduce presenters with intriguing truths or lies, and add layers to the personalities onstage.

Virtual elements, born from the necessity of the COVID-19 era, have seamlessly transitioned into live spaces, offering an engaging and interactive experience.

5) Humanisation of corporate speakers: Formality redefined

Witness the evolution of speakers shedding traditional corporate attire. The tie, once a symbol of formality, has disappeared from offices.

Embrace the authenticity of humanisation as corporate speakers redefine their appearance, bringing a new level of relatability to the stage.

This story appears in the Autumn issue of Spice, as part of our annual Hot Seat feature, which shines a spotlight on the MICE industry’s movers and shakers, and outlines what’s in store for the next 12 months.

Photo at top: Lancôme Rénergie HPN-300 Peptide Cream Product Launch. Production: AV1. Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Foundation Hall. Image credit: Esteban La Tessa.

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