Crafting unforgettable business experiences in Western Australia

Business Events Perth chief executive officer Gareth Martin invites you to Western Australia, where dreams meet reality, and business transforms into adventure.

Greetings from the vibrant landscapes of Western Australia – a place where you can elevate your next business event from the ordinary to the unbelievable.

Western Australia isn’t just a location, it’s a thriving destination for exceptional experiences integrated with professional endeavours. It is home to opportunities that ignite innovation, foster connections and take your delegates on a journey like no other.

Choose Western Australia

Select Western Australia for your next business event, where unforgettable experiences are woven into the fabric of every moment. Your delegates will embark on a journey that surpasses expectations, leaving them with enduring memories.

Perth’s innovation hub

Positioned as the heart of innovation, Perth is where aspirations materialise, connections transform into collaborations and the future takes shape. Envision your delegates exploring distinctive venues – from secret gardens to modern city spaces – fostering an environment conducive to knowledge sharing and progress.

Hidden suburban gems

Beyond the city’s centre, Perth offers unique networking experiences. Along its pristine coastline, the Sunset Coast provides a stunning backdrop for your tailored beach event. Network on the shores of Cottesloe Beach or opt for a beachfront venue to elevate your business gatherings.

Swan Valley, Australia’s second oldest wine region, invites delegates to explore the rich culture and history of our beautiful state.

Starry nights at Kings Park

Immerse your delegates in a night under the stars at Kings Park, the world’s only inner-city park that overlooks dazzling metropolitan lights. With wildflowers in spring, year-round activations and an unrivalled view, Kings Park sets the stage for natural wilderness events that make a lasting impression.

The majestic Coral Coast

Just a brief flight from our city centre, Ningaloo Reef offers immersive underwater adventures. Dive into the world of the whale shark, an emblem of Western Australia’s natural wonders. Swim alongside these gentle giants in the tranquil azure waters of the Coral Coast.

Your delegates will be captivated by vibrant coral gardens, establishing a connection with these majestic creatures in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Margaret River’s culinary odyssey

The forests of Margaret River, in Western Australia’s southwest, provide a culinary journey like no other. Infuse the region’s world-renowned wines, delights and culture into your business event, creating a lasting legacy that delegates will be eager to share.

This story appears in the Autumn issue of Spice, as part of our annual Hot Seat feature, which shines a spotlight on the MICE industry’s movers and shakers, and outlines what’s in store for the next 12 months.

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