GCCEC’s clever digital projection mapping solution

2000 delegates that attended a conference and gala dinner Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) received a world class projection mapping experience.

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2000 delegates that attended a conference and gala dinner Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) received a world class projection mapping experience.stealth panels

Over 1,100 of Backdrops Fantastic Australia’s new 3D ‘Stealth’ modular set panels were installed in the event space to create a 50 metre x 8.4 metre tall projection surface.

GCCEC managed all technical equipment including 8 x 26k Barco projectors, while mapping was provided by Ikonix’s Avolite Ai Media Server.

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Custom content for the conference and awards was sourced and produced in-house by the Backdrops Fantastic team while the 2-minute opening video was directed by Melbourne based 3D mapping producer Tom Hall in conjunction with mapping industry leader US content creators Paintscaping.

Using Hollywood effects rendering software Maya, Paintscaping director Philippe Bergeron said, “We have produced hundreds of amazing 3D mapping projects throughout the world but this 3D surface by far – at a whopping 50 metres wide by over 8 metres tall equalling a projection resolution of 7200 x 1200 is the largest we have ever worked on.”

Backdrops Fantastic director Thomas Brown said, “Our 3D Modular panels are a perfect canvas for projection and lighting effects. True 3D mapping in conference or awards environments has been uncommon and is often confused with standard wide format projection blending. Our objective is not only to be the supplier of our modular panels as the ideal event mapping surface but to help event producers visualise and help communicate what 3D mapping looks like in the conference and awards environment. In addition to this we will continue to innovate and create custom content that is cost effective and achievable for the Australian corporate event industry.”

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