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Speaker Spotlight: Tania de Jong AM, CEO, Creative Universe

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Tania de Jong AM – Founder and CEO, Creative Universe, Creative Australia and Creative Innovation Global shares why she is inspired to speak at the PCOA18 conference on Thinking Outside the Box: Leading Innovation and Change.

I have spoken and performed at hundreds of conferences over the past three decades and produce the award-winning Creative Innovation Global conference series.

Thus, I am passionate about the conference and events industry to bring people together to prepare for and manage challenges, opportunities and change.

Our world is changing more rapidly than ever before, agility and flexibility are fundamental attributes to deal with increasing uncertainty and volatility. We also need to come together and unite as ONE community to solve increasing social and economic problems.

Thinking Outside the Box: Leading Innovation and Change 

This era of globalisation is unleashing a massive wave of technological, economic and sociological change. Innovation is coming from everywhere. Almost anyone can be an entrepreneur.

A number of leading authorities have suggested that 40-60% of current middle-class jobs could become redundant over the next decade due to artificial intelligence, robotics and other new technologies. We will need to be more creative and innovative than ever before.

Empowered people and groups are thinking ‘outside the box’ and challenging the established order in new ways never before imaginable – from building new business models and social enterprises to challenging old institutions.

Tania’s keynote at the upcoming PCOA conference aims to provide the tools to help you:

  • Develop creative, intuitive, right-brained and agile mindsets and think ‘outside the box’.
    Deal with failure and develop resilience.
  • Build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that leads to business growth and success.
  • Prepare for and manage in times of massive uncertainty, disruption and change.
  • To understand why diversity will increase your organisation’s productivity and lead to sustainable growth.
  • Make a difference to the communities where you operate.

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