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Create Engage Launches Live 360 Streaming!

The new Create Engage Live 360 Camera System has arrived, which means you can now live stream your event in fully immersive 360. Welcome to – CREATE 360!!

Create 360 by Create Engage is now streaming LIVE 360 Video and recording 360 video like you have never seen before.

Why you want it: This Create 360 video feed can be streamed live to YouTube Live, Facebook Live or a stand alone player embedded on any website.

Our new camera system is so simple it can be mounted on a stand on the floor or rigged from the ceiling, it requires no camera operator and takes up little to no floor space.

This experience can be viewed on all devices from desktop, to iPad, iPhone and VR headset. Your online audience will really feel like they are there, now that’s true engagement!

If live is not your requirement, the Create 360 camera system can also record 360 video to SD cards for uploading to your website or social media channels post event.

Some of the Features:

Live Horizon Levelling

The camera has an internal levelling system that always keep the image level and upright. That means, no matter how much the camera moves during the production, your 360 output will be stabilised in real-time. You can even mount the camera upside-down, from the ceiling and the video will always be in the correct orientation.

Seamless image

As all 4 lenses and images sensors on the camera are identical and synced together internally, the resulting 360 video is uniform in exposure and colour balance

Fantastic Stitch Quality

Our Create 360 camera is different to what you may have already experienced on the market. The system has a dedicated “Stitching Box” which gathers all the feeds from the cameras 4 lenses and does the stitching automatically. This reduces set up time and costs dramatically plus it results in an amazing, seamless video image with little to no stitching issues.

No Camera Operator

The live 360 camera system does not require a camera operator. Your audience decide which angle they wish to view the action from.

How you can use it:

  • Stream your event live in 360!
  • Record your event in 360
  • Brand activations
  • Perfect for events staged “in the round”
  • Stream a meeting to attendees who can’t make it. They will feel like they are really there.
  • Behind the scenes footage, think Fashion launches, product activations etc
  • Training videos

Prices starting from only $1,500 ex GST

Contact Us for more information and a proposal at [email protected] 02 8541 4444

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