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Five fun Christmas party themes for 2016

Brazil party

Struggling for ideas? Here are five fun ideas your guests will get behind.

  1. Brazil
    Capitalise on Olympics fever with a Brazilian themed Christmas party. Think BBQ, beach, fresh coconuts, drumming, soccer, hackey sack, capoeira performances, blinged up samba dancers and Havaianas. Hand out gold, silver and bronze medals for the best costumes, invite some Olympians along, and run a few relays where different teams within the business go head-to-head.
    Venue recommendation: stadium, sporting ground or somewhere near the beach.Austrian Christmas market
  2. Austrian Christmas market
    Go all out with fake snow, thousands of Christmas lights, craft stalls gifting decorated ginger bread, wooden decorations and mulled wine. Crank up the air con, get the carollers out and serve traditional Austrian dishes like wiener schnitzel, sausages with mustard and cabbage, strudels and tortes. If you have the space and budget, install a sledding slope and a Schnapps luge for added ridiculousness.
    Venue recommendation: Anywhere that will let you bring in fake snow.Superhero-Party
  3. Super hero party
    2016 has been the year of the super hero reboot. With films like Batman vs Superman, Kung Fu Panda 3, Big Hero 6 and Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children, it’s time to reveal the super powers of your guests. Dress the waitstaff in super hero costumes, hire props like the Batmobile and go crazy on the flame-throwing cocktail theatre. This is a great opportunity for your guests to play with Augmented Reality toys that bring the theme to life.
    Venue recommendation: Madame Tussauds, Dreamworld, anywhere with a fair ground or underground feel.Music festival
  4. Music festival
    Get out the glow tats, the rainbow threads and the vegan snacks for a music festival experience. Book live folk music or electronica artists, host your event in the great outdoors and channel some Splendour in the Grass for your guests. Book roaming circus performers, hand out bubble blowers and have face painters on-site to get your guests in the mood. Create some chill out areas in teepees, serve Chai and bliss balls and set up some reiki and massage stations to keep your guests relaxed.
    Venue recommendation: park lands or in an urban laneway/warehouse.ISLAND_BAR_BURE
    5. Private island
    If you can afford to book a private island, great! If you can’t, simply recreate that vibe in a venue or outdoor setting. You’re going to need a boardwalk/jetty entrance, thatch-roofed huts, surfboards, a pool or a beach (or the simulation of one with digital projections), banana chairs, cocktails with umbrellas and plenty of palm trees. A beach BBQ is the perfect catering option or, for smaller or more exclusive groups, a beach themed sit-down dinner with seashells, a seagull/breeze/waves soundtrack, billowing white gauzy curtains and a sunset (simulated or real).
    Venue recommendations: McClaren’s Landing on the Gold Coast, anywhere near the beach, rooftop venue with waterviews.

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