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Extension planned for MONA

MONA owner David Walsh

MONA owner David Walsh

MONA owner David Walsh has unveiled plans for a $75 million extension and casino.

The 20 metre extension will be purpose-built over the Derwent River to house four works of light by American artist James Turrell. It will also house a bar and tapas restaurant.

Of the extension, Walsh wrote in his blog,”This will be a large building and I suspect it will cost about as much as the original museum.”

A 160-room hotel, (HOtelMOna or HOMO) is also proposed, that would house a function centre, restaurant, bar, theatre, some retail, a spa and a bigger library.

An artist's impression of the casino

An artist’s impression of the casino

There are also plans for a Venice-style ferry to transport hotel patrons, as well as a high-roller casino, dubbed ‘Monaco’.





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