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Brisbane Global Cafe launched ahead of G20


Under the Brisbane Marketing board, Brisbane City Council has launched an online discussion platform named the Brisbane Global Cafe. The venture takes place ahead of the G20 World Leaders Conference to be held in the city in November 2014 and aims to provide an international hub of thought leadership in the lead-up to the summit.

The online experience connects participants and provides social media resources, and will carry through to a series of live events with keynote speakers. The project will then culminate in a two-day event with a huge international media audience in the week of the G20 Conference.

The new website will facilitate discussion on four themes: ‘Improving Human Life’; ‘Powering Future Economies – people, technology, resources’; ‘Tourism’s New Frontiers’; and ‘Cities of the Future’.  With the G20 Summit focusing on achieving stronger global economies, the Brisbane Global Cafe aims to fill the gaps with discussion of human life and technology, enriching the overall conference experience.

Aimed at Australian media, industry thought leaders, academia and anyone else with an interest; the Brisbane Global Cafe broadens the scope and audience of the G20 Summit. The venture is a first for a G20 host city, and represents a new way to engage in one of the world’s biggest economic forums.

Check out the Brisbane Global Cafe here.

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