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Priava Sets Standard for Venue Management!

Venue managers look to Priava, the leading cloud-based venue management software company, to deliver venue and event management solutions that increase efficiency, add value, and enable them to access information at any time and from anywhere as well as provide a rapid return on investment.


Priava’s new purpose built enterprise venue and event management booking system incorporates all the complexities involved with multi-venue availability, including event logistics, catering, equipment and resource requirements and delivers all the services in one software solution.  Offered in the cloud as a service, Priava enables managers to efficiently handle enquiries, identify available space for upcoming functions and events, research customer history and monitor ongoing operations – all in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Cloud software has become a critical component of the venue and event management industry as venue managers want to know they can access reliable and secure information quickly, at any time and from anywhere. Priava streamlines customer management information and enables managers to work on multiple events at the same time, enabling them to rapidly locate any event, contact or account record, manage the calendar, and review confirmed events.


Priava Key Features include:

  • Multi-task, working on multiple events, contacts and reports at once
  • Simple and easy reporting across the entire venue operation
  • Easy to use with minimal training and setup
  • Associate multiple contacts to events
  • Simplify lead and enquiry management using multiple quotes against an event
  • Increase event or booking value
  • Track reasons for event win/loss
  • Categorise records for precision marketing

Australian venues successfully deploying Priava include, Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Charles Sturt University, Gladstone Entertainment Centre, Victorian Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, Football New South Wales and the Western Australia Cricket Association in addition to numerous other conference and exhibition centres, government authority facilities, performing arts venues, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and outdoor venues around Australia and the world.

Whether a venue manager is managing one major event or smaller multiple events, Priava can assist in the delivery of highly acclaimed and successful events and functions.

For more information please contact: [email protected] or call 02 8383 4333