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Gen Y’s are lazy (or are they?)

Spice chats to Event Planet Director Amy Merriman about the work ethic of her staff.


They are often called unproductive, undisciplined, overly opportunistic and victims of ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ mentality. They are regularly accused of having inflated egos and tickets on themselves. That’s if you’ve been paying attention to Australia’s executives and management media who make sweeping generalisations for a whole generation, regardless of whether they have had experience working with them or not.

As a member of Generation X, I would like to take the lid off this subject and the uncomplimentary labels Generation Y have been branded with. Over the past decades, many young workers have an ethos of keep their options open. I believe this is not from choice, but out of necessity. They have watched their parents and older friends change careers throughout their working life, so to them it is the norm. The global employment market has evolved to become more transient and transparent than ever before. People cross borders and transfer companies with ease. The internet has enabled this and has changed the workplace forever. There is little to no case for staying in one job at one company for an entire lifetime unless you are a successful entrepreneur who starts early.  

It’s true that some Gen Ys come with a tag of entitlement and the ‘you’re lucky to have me in your workplace’ attitude. Historically, the gratitude dynamic was the other way round. Some also expect big salaries with allowances and bonuses for little or no experience. Isn’t that most generations? Don’t we all want financial security and a comfortable life? Maybe Gen Ys are more comfortable about asking for it. More often than not, the roles they see advertised don’t promise longevity or a 30 year career plan.

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