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Top 5 dessert ideas for the perfect party

Chef Adam Humphrey is a dessert specialist
Executive chef Adam Humphrey from Arras shares his top tips for desserts that will keep guests captivated right until the end of the night (even when they’ve had a few).
1. Mini ice creams
We’ve recently started serving these at functions and they’re a great way to get a bit of ‘wow factor’ at the end of the night, as well as taking us back to our childhood. Try experimenting with different fruit sorbets dipped in melted chocolate to form the ultimate chocolate/fruit combination that’s freshing and fun. They can also be prepared well in advance so you have time to enjoy the party!
2. Sandwiches and cones
As well as the ever-popular ice cream, the ice cream sandwich and cone is also making a comeback, so we make miniature versions of these to sit on our petit fours tray and also to serve at events. Our favourite at the moment is coffee ice cream in a handmade waffle cone.

Arras’ famous petit fours
3. Jam jars
These are really on trend at the moment, especially in cocktail bars, so we’ve put our own spin on the mini jam jar by filling it will delicious desserts like tiramisu and trifle. It’s a really visual treat and easy to eat.
4. Choux buns
Who doesn’t love a choux bun?! We make a miniature variety filled with salted caramel cream, which is always a crowd pleaser. They’re also small enough to be eaten in one go, which is important when balancing a glass of champagne in the other hand.
5. Petit fours
For real eye popping impact, a beautifully decorated tray of petit fours is always a winner. At Arras, we love making sweets that remind us of home, so we have mini marshmallows, fudge, sour snakes, coconut ice and lots more treats that we make by hand every day.