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Top five event styling tips for summer

Kate Kirkham from Covered Linen shares her top five event styling tips for this summer:

1.     Show off your best assets: So much can be achieved with the most important (and abundant) elements in the room – the tables and chairs – so start with the linen. Linen offers organisers’ endless options when it comes to colours, textures, patterns, themes and prints, while keeping budget in consideration.

2.     Keep it simple: Sometimes the small things can make the biggest impact. Simple colourful cushions added to your furniture can help turn on the festive spirit.

3.     Be about the brand: Branded table runners and cushions are an easy way to incorporate your corporate identity.

4.     Pop with colour:  Still a favourite for the season; popping colours mixed with natural bases are extremely popular with the colour combination of apricots, corals, yellows and oranges stealing the show.

5.     Get social: Pinterest, Instagram, blogs and Facebook are full of endless ideas and are a worthy starting point for anyone stuck for inspiration.