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Musion’s projection technology featured on The Biggest Loser

Prior to merging with Haycom, t7 event solutions were involved in Series 8 of the Australian Biggest Loser which featured  Musion projection technology.

The newly merged Haycom are now the exclusive partners in Australia for Musion. Prior to the merge t7 was contracted by Shine Australia the production company behind the Biggest Loser and worked very closely with Shine to put together this effect for the ‘Make Over Week’ episode’s that aired on TV on the 13th & 14th of May.

The technology allowed contestants to see a version of their ‘former’ self following make over week.

The ‘Make Over Week’ featured contestants of The Biggest Loser 9 weeks into the series receiving a make over and revealing their new look in front of friends and family, filmed in a live show at Australian Technology Park. The newly made over contestants walked out onto a catwalk to reveal their new look and were then surprised with a life size projected Musion Holographic video of themselves that was filmed prior to their current weight loss, telling them to “never go back”.

The content for the Musion Projection was filmed on the very first day of The Biggest Loser and the contestants had no idea what it would be used for until they saw it live on stage weeks later.

Shine Australia filmed this footage and worked closely together with guidance from t7/Haycom. The end result speaks for itself.

Click here to view a clip of this technology in action.

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