The Biggest Loser Retreat opens for corporate groups

This Sunday, one of Australia's newest health and wellness retreats will become an alternative destination for corporate travellers and companies searching for unique team bonding experiences.

This Sunday, (30 June) one of Australia’s newest health and wellness retreats will become an alternative destination for corporate travellers and companies searching for unique team bonding experiences.

The first ever The Biggest Loser Retreat by Golden Door opens on the Gold Coast on June 30 and is set to welcome a myriad of Australians of all ages and lifestyles, with the ultimate goal being to begin a health and wellness overhaul.

Suited for groups looking for a fitness-based incentive or team building experience, the Retreat will open in just days.

The new-look, dedicated weight-loss Retreat in the peaceful Gold Coast hinterland aims to create positive and permanent lifestyle solutions resulting in lasting weight loss and improved health, while meeting new people or getting to know your team in a different light. It has been well received by people all over Australia since its announcement in May.

The Biggest Loser Retreat by Golden Door’s general manger Andrew MacDonald says the Retreat has taken a significant number of bookings for its opening weeks and months following as people commit to their weight loss journey and make their health a priority.

“Most guests from around Australia have booked in for 2-4 week programs, with some guests even booking longer stays of 6 and 12 weeks at the retreat,” he says.

“It’s encouraging that people are placing such importance on investing in their immediate and ongoing health.”

Embodying Golden Door Australia’s key philosophies of movement, food, coaching and education, the retreat will provide a compassionate, yet firm, environment, with a band of professional health and fitness experts on hand to train, coach and mentor guests, guiding and inspiring them along their path to adopting positive and sustainable lifestyle changes while losing weight along the way.

The Retreat trainers, described as compassionate, yet firm, will be on hand to train, coach and mentor guests.

Whether guests are looking to lose 5 or 50kg, Dr Cris Beer, The Biggest Loser Retreat’s official doctor and expert in nutrition and health, says an investment in your health and weight loss can save years of medical expenses later in life.

“It’s as important now as it is ever has been as the country hangs in the grip of an obesity epidemic,” she says. “The program at the retreat is, in many cases, a viable alternative to surgical procedures for Australians who are above their most healthy, comfortable weight and the related illnesses that can occur.

“Looking after yourself now is the first step to ensuing you are at your optimum healthy weight range for life. At the retreat, we hope to educate people about making the right food and lifestyle choices and incorporating exercise into their daily regime. It’s important to be active.”

The Biggest Loser Retreat by Golden Door Australia will open this Sunday, June 30, 2013 and facilities include two heated swimming pools; a lap pool; deep water running pool; beach volleyball court; bushwalking tracks; The Hanger (main gym); The H.I.T. Gym (High Intensity Training); Fit ’n’ Fierce Gym; Combat Zone; tennis court; sauna/steam room; The Golden Door Spa; gift shop and recreation room.

The Retreat offers a brand new tailored program aimed specifically at weight loss with activities including bush walks, team gym all-out training, aqua team challenges, H2O cardio, hill intervals, obstacle course challenges, aqua combat, weekly team challenges, spin and cardio intervals, aqua circuit, stretch, dance classes, water polo, yoga, Feldenkrais (movement awareness technique), breathing workshops, meditation, cooking demos and classes, games nights, night walks and a graduation celebration, plus a host educational seminars.

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