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Jafe Jaffles launches for Sydney events

A quirky Australian first and a clever addition to outdoor events, mobile eatery Jafe Jaffles has launched in time for the Sydney festival season.

Jafe Jaffles, an Australian first is bringing an innovative concept to gourmet mobile food that’s perfect for private careering and events, delivering a selection of sweet and savory Jaffles and accompanying drinks.

Perfect for outdoor events and festivals as well as private catering, Jafe Jaffles has driven into Sydney
image credit Vincent Tsui

The Jaffle VW 1967 ‘Kombi’, a former RAAF Mobile Strip Operations Telebriefing System, is only one of two known in Australia and less than a hand full left know in the world.

The vehicle was once used to deploy Mirage jet fighters to battle on exercise. The colour is GSE yellow (Ground Service Equipment Yellow) used on all ground equipment on airfields. After years of loyal service and spending time on an arid airforce scrap heap in Darwin for over 25 years, the Kombi was brought back to life.

After spending considerable time in Japan, Luke Bridgford was inspired by the Japanese culture of celebrating at festivals and enjoying a variety great food. Witnessing the high competition between mobile street vendors and stalls, he started to learn the necessity to provide a positive and interesting experience where simply good food just wasn’t enough.

The Caramello Banana and Hazelnut Jaffle with ice cream.

Thinking of what type of vehicle that would blend in to the sun, sand, salt, stream or summit the classic split window Kombi was a hands down choice to appeal and compliment the Australian landscape.

An amazing addition to an outdoor Sydney Event, the menu includes delicious creations such as:

* The David JaffleHoff; Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese & Cheese
* The Tendulkar; Butter Chicken
* The Quiche Urban; Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Basil & Chutney
* The Jean-Claude Van Ham; Leg Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Knock Out Sauce
* The Goldie Corn; Creamed Corn & Cheese
* The Poached Chicken, Basil and Almond Jaffle
* The Reuben Jaffle
* The Caramello Banana and Hazelnut Jaffle
* The Raisin and Rice Pudding Jaffle

For more information on Jafe Jaffles at your event email: [email protected] or find out more via Facebook.

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