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Creativity kings to inspire at Australian Event Symposium

Two of the industry’s leading kings of event creativity will present at the upcoming Australian Event Symposium to be held in Sydney in September.

If you’re looking to give your creativity a kick, there is a whole stream, and keynote sessions, dedicated to creativity and vision at the Australian Event Symposium, to take place on 12-14 September, at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Be inspired by two kings of inventively designed and delivered events, Peter Rix (George P. Johnson) and Heath Campanaro (Imagination) in their session Creativity in the Experiential Space. Drawing upon their work with a wealth of corporate clients, in public events and for a broad range of audiences, they’ll discuss the value of creativity as that magic ingredient in creating a truly immersive and memorable event experience.

For the event event program or to register online click here.  

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