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60,000 through the CLEM7, rain or shine

Brisbane played host to 60,000 curious residents who made their way sixty metres underground for a one off walk through the Clem Jones Tunnel on Thursday, 4 March.

The public walkthrough event was the centrepiece event of the opening of the CLEM7  (Clem Jones Tunnel) managed by local event company, LOUD events. Even during the event setup, which was done through torrential rain, LOUD combated the logistical challenge to create a successful event.

Approximately 60,000 members of the public attended an opening walkthrough of the new CLEM 7 tunnel in Brisbane

Director, Helena Marshall said the event showcased Brisbane’s longest underground construction project in a way never seen before.

“The logistical event of co-ordinating 200 volunteers, moving 60,000 public, facilitating a fun run demonstrated the city’s ability to stage major events even if metres underground in the most unique of venues,”  Marshall said.

“The event saw the state of the art 4.8 kilometres cross river tunnel opened to Brisbane residents offering them the opportunity to enjoy a stroll through the first of Campbell Newmans Brisbane’s incredible infrastructural tunnelling feats.”

LOUD was engaged to assist stake holders showcase the project prior to opening to traffic. LOUD’s responsibilities included the event management and design of traffic management, 150 security, 50 police, 200 volunteers, rubbish management, catering, a cavalcade of vintage cars, an early morning fun run and much more.

Brisbane based LOUD events managed the traffic, security, volunteers, catering and much more for this giant public event.

Residents were also able to enjoy a full day of entertainment and local culinary produce back on the surface, at the Ekka end (Bowen Hills connection) of the tunnel opening.

LOUD events, owned and operated by Helena Marshall and Marianne Edmonds, were fortunate enough to work very closely with each of the stake holders, PR firm BBS and LOUD’s in house team of carpenters, steel workers, large format printers and ‘public event’ account managers to deliver the fine details of the event.

“We are extremely proud of our team and all of the hard work they put into this project and are privileged to have had the opportunity to work with such a fantastic hands on client,”  Marshall said.


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