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Caxton Street Seduces Brisbane’s Event Planners

By James Wilkinson in Brisbane

From a giant game of chess to a ‘gimp’ room, flying chickens and semi-naked models, Brisbane’s top event organisers were shocked, stunned and seduced on Monday night (Oct 12) as Caxton Street Catering unveiled its 2010 menu.

The life-size game of chess with chefs turned heads

They have just completed their fifth national tour for Cirque du Soleil and are a food partner of luxury companies such as Bulgari, Gucci and The Paris Opera Ballet, so it’s no wonder Caxton Street Catering held the most extravagant and decadent event Brisbane has seen for some time.

From a life-sized game of chess, where the pieces are chefs carrying dishes and the game is called from ‘captains’ in tennis umpire chairs; to a ‘gimp’ room featuring chocolate decadence and indulgence, being ‘watched’ by a man in a mask; and a desert made from 24-carat gold leaf, sea urchin, white truffles and Dom Perignon foam, this was a launch that had it all.

Orchestrated by Caxton Street Catering CEO Tom Burke, the launch in a custom-created space at Brisbane’s historic RNA grounds truly demonstrated the company’s philosophy of taking catering outside the box.

Guests walked into the life-sized game of chess when they arrived, before black curtains opened to reveal a small stage, featuring Burke kneeling down.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned, I have let the industry down, I have let ordinariness take over, I have failed to keep the bar high,” he said. “However, this will all change as of tonight. I take full responsibility, and I will again break benchmarks and break down stereotypes.”

Burke then revealed seven different rooms, among them: semi-naked men lying in chocolate on crisp white linen; a gimp room of chocolate decadence; flying chickens, feathers and horns; seafood with ice and oysters lining an entire dinner table; the 24-carat gold dessert; and 40 signature canapés presented on transparent plinths, individually lit from above.

At the launch, guests snacked on an array of food from the new 2010 menu, while sipping champagne, red wine, white wine, beer and S.Pellegrino soft drinks.

The response? “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said one event planner, who wished to remain anonymous after being photographed with the models lying in chocolate. “From the game of chess to the gimp room, this event had it all.”

Caxton Street Catering’s 2010 menu is now available for sampling. For more information, click here.