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Hilton Named Number One Brand

A survey of Australian business travellers has named Hilton the number one hotel brand in Australia and the leading choice hotel brand in Australia for the fifth consecutive year.

Hilton Melbourne South Wharf

Topping the list of 95 of the world’s leading hotel brands in the annual BDRC Asia Pacific Business Hotel Guest Survey, Hilton has once again shown it is a leading name in hospitality in Australia.  

The BDRC brand ranking index or brand performance is measured against overall scores for prompted and unprompted awareness, usage of a brand, preferred choice and loyalty ratios.

These combined scores have seen Hilton named the “number one hotel brand” in Australia for 2009, a title Hilton has held since 2005.

The survey shows Hilton scored highest in terms of unaided brand awareness, with 56 percent of those surveyed naming Hilton as the most well known hotel brand for business travellers in Australia.

Additionally, promoted recognition of Hilton is almost universal at 95 per cent, with promoted awareness of Hilton and the Hilton Family of Brands higher in Australia than in Western Europe.

Hilton also enjoyed the highest usage among business travellers with one in four respondents in Australia having stayed at a Hilton hotel in the previous year. Hilton’s business guests are also loyal, with 75% or three quarters of guests being brand loyal, resulting in Hilton being named the “Leading Choice Hotel Brand” in Australia for the fifth consecutive year.

Hilton Hotels Australasia vice president Ashley Spencer said: “To receive this recognition once would be fantastic, however to be acknowledged in this way for five consecutive years is truly outstanding.

This awareness is a testament to the team at Hilton in Australia and their dedication to our guests and commitment to the brand. Despite strong competition from competitors with larger portfolios, Hilton in Australia continues to achieve exceptional results in the areas of awareness, usage and loyalty,” he said.

The BDRC study is the most extensive study of hotel brands in Australia and tracks the results from more than 95 hotel brands in Australia, based on online surveys with frequent business travellers. In Australia 500 respondents were polled.