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Radisson Melbourne Offers Tertiary Training to Staff

The Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne is increasing its ‘intellectual capacity’ by investing in new staff training programs.

Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne

General manager Steve Finlayson said 12 staff have taken up the hotel’s offer to undertake the Quality Training Company’s 12-month Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management programs, which are jointly funded by the hotel and Federal Government training grants.

“After four years of double digit growth, we’re doing all the necessary things in bracing for the downturn, like seeking supplier cost reductions, streamlining operations, improving levels of service and implementing efficiencies,” he said.

“But we are never losing sight of the fact that the downturn is part of a cycle from which we’ll recover. Rather than totally batten down the hatches, we’re investing in increasing the levels of our intellectual capacity.

“Our strategy is to have our team ready for the upswing… retention of loyal guests and quality smart employees is part of our recovery plan,” he said.

Finlayson added that the downturn would not disrupt the property’s ‘Refurbishment by Evolution’ program — a cost-effective approach to hotel upgrade in which most work is undertaken in the period between Sunday check-out and Monday check-in when the hotel is at its quietest.