Tailor Your Event, Unlock Perks!

Customize your event with perks like complimentary delegates, accommodation, and vouchers based on your package spend. Book by 30th August 2024 for events between 1st June - 30th August 2024.

Elevate Your Event Experience with Exclusive MICE Offers at voco Brisbane City Centre!

Customize your event to perfection with our tailored perks designed to enhance your experience. From complimentary delegates to accommodation vouchers, unlock a world of possibilities when you book by 30th August 2024 for events held between 1st June – 30th August 2024.

Here’s how you can make the most of our exciting offers:

Option One: Enhance Your Delegation For every 20 paid delegates, receive 1 FREE delegate. Maximize your team’s presence and make your event truly inclusive with this exceptional offer.

Option Two: Indulge in Post-Event Delights Enjoy 30 minutes of post-event platters for your team. Elevate your event’s conclusion with delectable treats, fostering camaraderie and celebration among your attendees.

Option Three: Elevate Your Accommodation Experience For every 25 paid accommodation rooms, receive 1 free. Ensure your guests are treated to premium comfort and luxury during their stay, enhancing their overall experience at voco Brisbane City Centre.

Option Four: Reward Yourself with Accommodation Vouchers Receive an accommodation voucher valued at $250 to use at voco Brisbane City Centre before 30th August 2024. Treat yourself or extend the hospitality to your guests with this generous offering.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate gathering, conference, or special function, voco Brisbane City Centre provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable events. With our flexible options, you have the freedom to tailor your event exactly to your preferences, ensuring every detail reflects your vision and exceeds expectations.

Don’t miss out on these exclusive MICE offers. Book now to secure your preferred package and unlock a world of possibilities for your upcoming event. Reach out to our dedicated events team today to start planning your extraordinary experience at voco Brisbane City Centre.

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