Big things come in small packages and MARTIN’s packing something big for your next event.

Big things come in small packages and MARTIN’s packing something big for your next event.

MARTIN is a small, portable and versatile “all-in-one system” that contains all the necessary equipment to perform multiple live event production requirements. …. and, he also likes long walks on the beach 😉

Now with just one system, most of our services can be delivered onsite, saving you time and money. What would normally take up to two trestle tables worth of AV desk space now takes up 1/3 of a table. All equipment inside MARTIN is covered under one low daily rate.

Normally, any last minute technical requests onsite mean a dreaded “emergency dispatch”, that’s if the equipment can get to your event on time at all. MARTIN is a mini technical warehouse in a box giving you flexibility when you need it most. MARTIN also plays very well with other technical contractors and can lend them a hand by providing them back up switching and recording options if needed.

Some of his best features:

AV Switcher:

MARTIN can switch up to 12 seperate inputs including a mix of cameras, video, polls and PPT slides. These can be sent to in room screens for IMAG, to your live stream and as a seperate feed to your AV team all at the same time!

Live Streaming Machine:

MARTIN loves the internet. He can stream multiple sources live to your online audience. Need a camera feed with synced PPT slides and a branded background all at the same time? No worries, MARTIN has your back. He is very social and can stream to Facebook LIVE, Vimeo LIVE and Youtube LIVE all at the same time.

Video Conferencing Unit:

Need to bring a remote presenter from interstate or overseas into your event? Want them on your in room screens and on your live stream? Consider it done. MARTIN can access your remote speakers webcam, desktop screen and even bring them into your event or live stream via their mobile device!!! Stop it MARTIN.

Video Recorder:

Need your live stream recorded for on demand playback? Done. Need all your cameras recorded from your event? Done. Want to leave the event with the recording? Guess who can do it?…MARTIN can.

Smart Stream Networking:

MARTIN can combine your venues internet connection, 2 x 4G mobile broadband connections along with a WiFi network all at the same time. If one connection drops out, he will auto fail over to the next available connection. Smart hey?

Video Editing Suite:

The event is done but you need a “top and tail” version or need to add titles for each presenter? MARTIN can edit those in straight after the event. Heck, he can even do that during show. MARTIN can edit a documentary or TV commercial. Need editing? #MARTIN

Super Fast Setup:

  1. Place MARTIN on a desk. 2. Remove his front and rear panels. 3. Turn him on.

He is quite the catch hey?

Exclusive Offer for Spice Readers:

Book MARTIN on your next event and receive a 20% *discount on our Live Streaming and Video Production packages for the rest of 2017!! *conditions apply – Please quote this Whats Hot article when booking to receive the discount.

Contact Us for more information and a proposal at 02 8541 4444

**Please note that MARTIN is quite shy and always requires one of his technical buddies from Create Engage to be with him at every event.

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