Corporate Christmas with a conscience (and budget)

Sense Event Group, a company making a big splash in the events industry, has developed a new approach to Christmas Parties with one thing in mind: Corporate Responsibility.

Sense Event Group, a company making a big splash in the events industry, has developed a new approach to Christmas Parties with one thing in mind: ‘Corporate Responsibility’.

Anthony Halprin of Sense explains a growing trend for this year’s Christmas affairs isn’t based around extravagance and over-the-top spending.

“For a five-day period Sense will take over a venue and each night a different company will host their Christmas function. Effectively, what we are offering is for organisations to collaboratively share the costs of the production of an event with other companies” says Halprin.

All event components will be looked after, from the theming, staging, audio-visual, catering, entertainment, invites, furniture and security – the whole lot.

For many of Australia’s corporate companies a key area of responsibility lies in being eco-friendly. A recent study indicated that over 55% of companies are either looking to or are already implementing green initiatives in event functions*.

“People are expecting more from our corporate leaders, we want them to show corporate responsibility and implement sustainable practices,” says Halprin.

Sense’s new approach not only reduces the cost of event production significantly, it also incorporates sustainable initiatives such as minimising waste through shared resources, 100% carbon offsetting and an alignment with OzHarvest, an organisation that distributes excess food to charities supporting the disadvantaged in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra.

“Since the GFC we are seeing companies under pressure to demonstrate more sustainable business decisions. This allows them to do just that. It’s a new approach that enables companies to still reward their staff at the end of the year while reducing costs and minimising waste,” says Halprin.

Having established Sense in 2007 with business partner Mark Bennedick, Halprin says that progressive ideas such as these is what has given them a leading edge in the competitive event world. They are often praised for their holistic and innovative approach.

Both Anthony Halprin and Mark Bennedick say that their creative inspiration comes from beyond the events world. They collaborate across industry borders and gather knowledge from game animators, artists, film makers, interior architects – basically anyone they think could add value to the project.

*Information sourced from Eventview 2009, Asia-Pacific

For more information: Anthony Halprin (02) 9113 0670 or click here 


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