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Want to hear Felicity Zadro's advice for writing a winning marketing plan? Read on for a sneak peek.
Zadro Agency managing director Felicity Zadro
Zadro Agency managing director Felicity Zadro

Want to hear Felicity Zadro’s advice for writing a winning marketing plan? Read on for a sneak peek.

Google will provide millions of articles telling you that in order to have a killer marketing plan, you need SMART goals, great key messages, and a timeline you can stick to. There are templates galore with directions on what to put into which box. These are great, and immensely useful, however, after working with over 400 companies, I can say, it is not a poorly constructed SWOT or having too many goals that will make a marketing plan fail. The key to writing a marketing plan that really works, lies in how the plan is brought together, the evidence from which decisions are made, why decisions are made and most importantly, linking it to the overall business goals.

To find out what Zadro’s top five tips for writing a killer marketing plan are, check out the February 2017 print or digital edition of Spice for the full article, jam-packed with expert advice to make your 2017 the best year ever.


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