Industry veterans launch Newlight event creation company

A new force in the Australian event production and creation sector has been recently unveiled with Showcorp and Videoplus launching Newlight event creation.

A new force in the Australian event production and creation sector has been recently unveiled with the launch of Newlight event creation. Having acquired the business interests of industry stalwarts Videoplus & Showcorp, the Newlight team draws on their combined experience of over 100 years.

Showcorp and Videoplus have produced events of all sizes for its diverse client base across Australia and New Zealand. Both companies have executed some of the country’s largest scale events including most notably, the Singapore Airlines A380 Launch, the NSW Premiers Gala and Christmas Concert Series and the current outdoor emblematic pink building lighting campaign for October’s National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Sydney Opera House lighted Pink for October’s National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“We’ve brought together some of Australia’s most talented people in the events sector to build a true vision for Newlight that will deliver a vastly improved offering for our customers at all levels of events” said Bob Dewstow, CEO, Newlight.

Creative Director John Meillon Jnr, said the core vision of the new company was to help clients fully deliver on the vital purpose of their event – successful communication – and to execute this in the best possible way.

“A successful event is not just about technical know-how and production delivery, it is about truly conveying the desired message and achieving the outcome for the audience that the client is after – this takes understanding of the key objectives as well as creative execution.”

Catering to all size and types of events from small business meetings to big team conferences and gala events, the company intends to target corporate and government sectors as well as associations and charities across Australia and New Zealand working in cooperation with its network of partners and affiliates.

“We believe that there is more to an event than just bumping in, setting up and operating the AV gear. The communication outcome is paramount and we understand that every element of the production, from concept to delivery, the theme, the content, the ambience and the technical delivery is critical to success,” said Meillon.

“The key is effectiveness and Showcorp has been a leading brand in event production and Videoplus has been outstanding in its audiovisual delivery of effective conferences and events.

“The amalgamation has allowed us to consider the future of the events sector in a new light by providing start to finish services, including post event follow-up to assess effectiveness, thereby enabling clients to continually improve outcomes.

“An event is so much more than any one of its components, its an investment in an experience and the magic of showbiz puts the sparkle and the results into the ultimate audience response you are seeking – we are looking at all our customer events in this new light and intend to continue to deliver the very best in customer service and event execution that you will find in Australasia.”

Over the next 12 months Newlight is set to release several tools to assist event organisers maximise the outcomes of their events for both delegates and exhibitors.

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