Good news: Nespresso launches bulk recycling

Business Solutions customers can now recycle their spent Nespresso pods.


Business Solutions customers can now recycle their spent Nespresso pods.

The new bulk recycling initiative will significantly strengthen the existing option for professional customers, which has been available since 2013. The free recycling kit contains three boxes that are capable of collecting up to 1,500 capsules each, and are specially designed for the collection, storage and transport of large volumes of used aluminium capsules. Nespresso will cover the cost of delivering the boxes and returning the used aluminium capsules back to Nespresso.

The new bulk recycling initiative will also enable workplaces to take a more proactive role in driving recycling participation in their community of employees and customers by becoming a recycling collection point for Nespresso used aluminium capsules.


For example, an office which has a Professional machine can collect capsules employees use at work, but also encourage their employees or customers to bring in their used capsules from their home Nespresso machine. Alternatively a strata manager can provide this service to their tenants.

Nespresso professional capsules are made from aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material. The capsules are sent to a specialist recycling plant where dedicated equipment separates the aluminium from the used coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are then sent to make compost and the aluminium from the used capsules is bailed and sent back into the aluminium industry to manufacture new products.

“Unlike most other portioned coffee products, our coffee capsules are made from aluminium, a material that is infinitely recyclable,” said Loïc Réthoré, general manager of Nespresso Australia and Oceania.

“We have been continuously looking for ways to make it easier for both our Business Solutions customers and consumers to recycle, as their participation is essential to make our recycling efforts a success,” he said.

Nespresso professional customers can call 1800 182 206 (AU toll free, 24/7) to request the free recycling kits. This recycling program is only suitable for Nespresso aluminium capsules.


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  1. Also Introducing NessiePress®: the Nestlé Nespresso® Household Pod Recycler

    Good news for concerned Nespresso® Coffee drinkers is the NessiePress®: an ingenious, stylish little hand-held gadget that effectively recycles Nespresso® pods. Operation is simple: open the NessiePress®, place the used pod upside down in it, replace the lid and press. In one action the food-grade aluminium has been compacted, and the hugely versatile coffee grounds have been extracted.

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