Catering trend: Eclairs

Frederic Caillon from Bondi's La Maison De L'Eclair shares his insight into the latest catering trend.

The colourful selection in the Bondi store

Frederic Caillon from Bondi’s La Maison De L’Eclair shares his insight into the latest catering trend.

Caillon said, “Regarding catering yes a lot of people are ordering catering for any occasion but at the moment we are doing more corporate catering for big meetings and launches.

“People tend to enquire about sweet first but as soon as I mention savoury, they are very curious and because of the variety of flavours we can offer and also the fact that we can cater for people with food allergies. They get very enthusiastic and end up ordering both sweet and savouries. Another great attractive point is how beautiful an assortment of sweet eclairs look. It is just a rainbow of colours that create this ‘wow’ effect on the table. 

The savoury selection comes as a surprise to most punters

“It’s true that it’s a huge trend in Europe at the moment. People are rediscovering the traditional French pastry, but obviously one of the main reasons is because you can customise an eclair and transform it into a piece of art. It’s doesn’t just taste good, it also looks spectacular on the table. Macarons will still be delicious but not really spectacular and cupcakes can be spectacular but never really taste amazing. Let’s say, the eclair has the best of both worlds – it tastes amazing and looks spectacular.  

“We only use natural flavours and pure ingredients. Our  eclairs are made from scratch using only the best ingredients and we try to use the sweetness of the fruit itself or the nuts or the chocolate, and not to add more sugar.

An eclair croquembouche is an unusual alternative to a cake

“For catering purposes we can also do different themes which of course makes it easy for the client, whether it is, for example a baby shower, an engagement, or a wedding we can really target what the client is after in terms of colours, flavours, design and even logos for corporate catering.

“With flavours, the sky is the limit and we are always open to people’s suggestions and creative mind.

“And, finally, we also offer our famous croquembouche eclair which is always amazing for any occasion”.

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