BeChallenged brings Rat Trap to Australia

Rat Trap, one of the UK's' most successful and innovative team building events is now in Australia and being rolled out by BeChallenged

Rat Trap, one of the UK’s’ most successful and innovative team building events is now in Australia and being rolled out by BeChallenged.

Rat Trap, inspired by the famous board game Mouse Trap, has been a huge success in the UK. The unique design, allows large or small groups to work in a collaborative rather than competitive way. This means corporate delegates get the real opportunity to interact and network with everyone in their team rather than just a small cluster in a competitive group.

Inspired by the popular board game Mouse Trap, this team activity has become popular for both large and small groups.

BeChallenged, through their exclusive license with Catalyst Global Team Building, has been able to access this unique and amazing team event and now run it throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“We find that our clients are always looking for new and unique team activities to include in their meetings and conferences,” said Oliver Sheer, managing director of BeChallenged. “They want something everyone can be involved in and something that adds real value to the participants-Rat Trap delivers this in spades”

Cochlear Team building their Rat Trap.

In Rat Trap, execution of every element of your plan needs to be perfect to create a chain reaction with the other teams working towards the same goal (exactly like in the workplace). Working within time constraints means that good communication between teams is essential for seamless integration of every team’s efforts, leading to success in a spectacular finale.

The BeChallenged team recently ran this program for the executive team at Channel Seven’s Sunrise to great acclaim.

Rat Trap has many similarities to the daily production of Sunrise, everyone has a role to do and the overall success of the program depends on everyone doing their part well.

Watch a video link to see what happened on the day-

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