5 ways to get your energy right

Spice caught up with mindfulness specialist Debbie Pask to find out how to get your energy right.

Debbie Pask

Spice caught up with mindfulness specialist Debbie Pask to find out how to get your energy right.

With a background in board level advertising, meditation and reiki, Debbie aims to inspire a conscious and connected approach to doing business – on both a commercial and personal level – to create a more sustainable working life.


In the lead up to the release of her new book, Zenful Business: 11 Models for Flow and Peak Performance at Work, Debbie has shared the five things you need to do every day to get your energy right when it comes to both work and personal life.

Here are five daily actions to get your energy right:
1. Morning ritual
Take at least five minutes for yourself every morning before you do anything else in the day. This short attention span tells the universe that your time and energy come first – before work or other people. If that means sipping tea in bed, stretching your legs or simply staring off into space, give yourself the gift of five minutes per day first, above anything else, and watch your energy lift.
2. Intention is everything
Identify your daily theme by checking in on how you feel. Are you rested and ready to be super productive, or are you stressed and need peace? Choose three words that command what kind of theme or experience you want that day. If you are stressed, your words might be peace, flow and support. Watch the energy around you transform to deliver just that.
3. Body talk
Get into your body and engage your senses. We are gifted with five senses so start using them to get out of your head and into your physical spacesuit. Whether you draw to see, listen to music to tempt the curiosity of your ear, smell essential oils (or cooking spices) or get a massage for touch; these actions stabilise the energy field within your body and ground you.
4. Soul friends 
Some people drain you and some make your heart sing. Connect with an energising person in your life throughout the day. Whether you meet, call, text, Facebook, Tweet them or more. Connecting with soul friends or colleagues will give you a total energy buzz.
5. Practice receiving
The lost art of receiving needs to be reignited. We are so busy being independent superstars, we forget how to ask and receive support. Receiving energy is filling up and restorative (called Yin) and giving energy is active and expends energy (Yang). A healthy mix of two is awesome, but many of us fail to do the restoration or receiving part.

Pick a couple of ideas from the list and see what sticks. You energy is your number one priority as it gets you out of bed every day; so loving yourself means taking the time to get your energy right.

To read more about ways you can be more zenful in business or to purchase a copy of Debbie’s book, click here.

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