Stamford Hotels in Adelaide offer three tips for virtual events

In the current, rapidly changing landscape, event organisers are looking to replace face-to-face events with virtual alternatives.

With the event industry facing one of its most challenging times to date, event planners are looking for creative ways to continue bringing people together.

Venues are now looking to offer innovative solutions for event planners, in response to new restrictions on events.

If you’re looking to go virtual, here are three tips to help ensure your event runs smoothly:

Virtual events tip 1: Partner with a venue

While your group may not be able to gather in a venue itself, the venue’s conference spaces and facilities can still be utilised to host virtual meetings.

Partnering with a conference venue is the first step to ensuring you have the capabilities to run your event smoothly.

Stamford Plaza Adelaide and Stamford Grand Adelaide are leading the charge and devising a series of event solutions to provide national event organisers with alternatives to meeting face to face.

The venues can act as the central base for a live-streamed event or video conference, while delegates tune in from anywhere in the country, even from home.

virtual events at Stamford Grand Adelaide
Stamford Grand Adelaide

Virtual events tip 2: Choose a trusted audio visual partner

With virtual meetings relying so heavily on the power of technology, it’s crucial to choose a trusted audio visual supplier to help bring your event to life.

Stamford Hotels is collaborating with its in-house audio visual partner, Encore Event Technologies, to deliver video and live-streaming conference solutions that can be tailored to each client.

These solutions range in cost and options vary from small events in meeting rooms up to full ballroom conferences with plenary and concurrent sessions.

Encore’s sophisticated technology allows events to go ahead in an adjusted format to help businesses achieve their objectives for 2020 and beyond.

virtual events at Stamford Plaza Adelaide
Stamford Plaza Adelaide

Virtual events tip 3: Get creative

Virtual meetings are a completely different way of meeting, giving event organisers the opportunity to try new things and get creative.

Get creative with stage set and audio visual elements like you would a regular conference to ensure your virtual attendees feel like they’re attending a must-see event.

Encore and Stamford Hotels & Resorts are on the front foot to respond and adapt to the current global challenges and are confident their virtual solutions will allow clients to communicate, present and collaborate at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

Contact Stamford’s Conference & Event Team in Adelaide for a personalised quote.

Meetings can also be cleverly adapted and accommodated across other Stamford Hotels & Resorts in the following locations: Adelaide CBD, Glenelg Beach, Brisbane CBD, Melbourne CBD, Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport and Auckland CBD.

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