Winter cocktail ideas

Drew Davies from Kubarz shares his tips for winter-fying cocktails.


By Drew Davies from Kubarz

The colder months are starting to set in across Australia. The jackets are out, the beanies are getting dusted off and its cold outside and yet we still love to throw a party; that’s the Australian way right? The party shall not stop.

This time of year dinner parties are all the rage. Rug up with friends, stay at home, eat great food and make some exciting cocktails for your guests – it actually isn’t that hard. Here are a few of our top recipes that are trending with clients.

Pomegranate Champagne cocktail

Add a unique twist to this traditional cocktail by blending your favourite bubbly with pomegranate (or cranberry) juice. Serve if after dinner as a great compliment to sweet desserts featuring yummy treats such as decadent chocolates.

Mojito with a twist

Although traditionally more of a summer cocktail, this ever-popular cocktail is a big hint in winter too as it’s a great choice to serve with those hot and spicy dishes you may cook over winter such as fresh Mexican dishes. Muddle fresh mint, sugar and a dash of lime juice then shake with smooth white rum and lots of crushed ice. Top with a splash of soda water for a bit of fizz and enjoy with a tasty taco or burrito.

Basil martini

For a fresh take on the classic martini, shake basil-infused vodka with a dash of vermouth and ice, strain and pour into your favourite James Bond martini glass. This is a great aperitif that should be served before dinner and will compliment most appetisers.

So remember, if you do decide to venture out for a night on the town, you’ll have to pile on the layers — only to overheat in the crowded bar with nowhere to put your coat not to mention the loud, noisy (and sometimes obnoxious) crowds. The alternative? Staying at home with friends, family and anyone who will drink your cocktails. Skip that nonsense (plus the hefty bar tab) and mix your own cosy cocktails at home.  Check out our website for other great recipe ideas for this winter and enjoy the chilly months with family, friends, great food and delicious drinks – ah life is sweet.

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