PZ Cussons hosts World’s Most Invigorating Shower-Not on Earth

Original Source, a range of shower gels by PZ Cussons, took the everyday shower to a new level with the 'Most Invigorating Shower Not On Earth' held in Sydney last week

Original Source, a range of shower gels by PZ Cussons, took the everyday shower to a new level with the ‘Most Invigorating Shower Not On Earth’ held on Saturday 24th September.

The fully functioning shower was suspended 100 feet in the air.

DDB Melbourne engaged Melbourne event production company, alive to create the custom built, fully functioning shower which was suspended from a crane 100 feet in the air, above Sydney’s Showring Oval, Entertainment Quarter.

Cox Marketing Solutions (CMS) developed a competition driven by Facebook asking entrants to name the most invigorating thing they have ever done and why they should be the one to have the shower. The Facebook competition increased the Original Source page likes by 24.9% over just 4

PZ Cussons viewed hundreds of entries and the judges were most impressed with Brisbane’s Denny O’Halloran answer. “The most invigorating thing I’ve ever done is fall off my parent’s roof – I love adventure and am determined to get the most out of my life! “

Denny and his girlfriend were flown to Sydney and accommodated at the Hilton Hotel Sydney before Denny took his sky-high experience.

Deeny was serenaded by Opera singer Vaness West as he showered.

We all love to sing in the shower so Opera singer, Vanessa West positioned in a cherry picker, serenaded Denny whilst he soaked up the amazing view. The shower was fitted with a shower cam and a microphone giving spectators the ability to interact with Denny in the shower.

Emily Small, group marketing manager – Personal Care, PZ Cussons said that Original Source is not a brand for the average Australian.

Deeny was one of hundreds who entered via Facebook for the chance to win the invigorating experience.

“Original Source users don’t sit in front of the television all day or night, they are socially active, inquisitive and adventurous. Taking risks and trying new experiences are high on their list of priorities. We wanted to engage with our target market in a fun and daring way, and we want Original Source
users to be brand ambassadors, not simply consumers.”

“An Original Source shower is the most intense shower you will ever have – only to be beaten by an Original Source shower 100 feet in the air,” Small said.

Denny posted this wrap up on Facebook. “Whoa, what an awesome day… Goes something like this: waking up in the top of the Hilton surrounded by original source goodies of all descriptions, stuffed myself stupid at the best buffet brekky I’ve experienced to date (was slightly concerned about weight limits, thank god for a 40 tonne crane, then let loose in the shower 100ft in the air with all the best shower gels you can buy.”

Maxi from Bondi Rescue also went up in the shower.

To watch the invigorating shower event take place click below:

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