Industry expert launches Book ‘Behind the Bubbles’

With the 'champagne season' just around the corner, there's a book about to hit the shelves which will help Australians hone their champagne palette in preparation for the fizzy time of the year

With the ‘champagne season’ just around the corner, there’s a book about to hit the shelves which will help Australians hone their champagne palette in preparation for the ‘fizzy time of the year’ whilst at the same time delving into the many fascinating stories and legends that exist ‘behind the bubbles’.

Written by well known champagne connoisseur, author and champagne educator Jayne Powell, known as Champagne Jayne – ‘Champagnes – Behind The Bubbles’ takes the reader on an enchanting journey behind this magical wine of celebration, luxury and romance.

This lavishly illustrated 240 page coffee table guide published by Arbon as part of the Great,Grand and Famous series, explores the secrets of champagne’s magnetic appeal from Roman times to today and in the process unravels champagne’s unexpected links to French nationhood and its place in so many historic and well known situations.

“Champagne is a time machine in a glass,” said Powell. “When you drink champagne you’re literally drinking history. There would be no champagne without the Catholic Church. There would be no champagne without the French monarchy. There would be no champagne without the Industrial Revolution.”

Did you know that James Bond author, Ian Fleming’s favourite seduction technique was to lure the ladies with champagne and sausages? Or that many of the most successful entrepreneurs in champagne’s history have been women?

Did you know that there are over 21 million bubbles in a glass of champagne? Or that the champagne drunk by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman as the Germans marched into Paris and he uttered the infamous line “Here’s looking at you kid” was Mumm Cordon Rouge?

Champagne expert and author Jayne Powell or Champagne Jayne.

“There’s nobody more passionate about champagne than me. It’s this passion that I have put into every page of this book. So, I urge anyone who wants to indulge themselves in the delectable history of champagne, educate their minds and their palettes to read my book. That’s not to mention the dinner party conversation starters that this book can offer,” Champagne Jayne concluded.

Packed with useful fizz facts, hints and tips, this handy reference guide is the perfect gift for beginners, champagne aficionados and experienced hospitality professionals alike.

SpiceNews readers can order a limited edition, specially dedicated and signed copy of ‘Champagnes – Behind the Bubbles’ at for themselves, or as a unique corporate gift.

For a sneak peek behind the bubbles, click the video below:

Champagne Jayne – The Book (video media release) from Champagne Jayne TV on Vimeo.


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