Tiny brain devices & 3D-printed bones: Australian innovation set to attract business events

Groundbreaking medical devices will play a key role in Australia's push to secure global meetings and events.

The world’s first non-invasive brain device and the world’s first 3D-printed synthetic bone have two things in common: they were both developed in Australia and they’re part of the country’s latest push to attract business events.

The number of people with debilitating conditions such as motor neurone disease and spinal cord injury is growing and yet there’s no cure.

And while researchers have discovered it’s possible to record information from the brain and use it to control assisted technology, the tech hasn’t yet been used safely and effectively outside of a lab.

Now, Associate Professor Nicholas Opie, an Australian biomedical engineer at the University of Melbourne, has co-developed the world’s first non-invasive brain device that translates thoughts into movement.

The technology is helping people with severe paralysis do things like send emails and text messages or complete online shopping and banking just by using their thoughts.

Associate Professor Opie with the brain device
Associate Professor Opie with the brain device

Over at the University of Sydney, visionary biomaterials and tissue engineer Hala Zreiqat has invented an alternative to metal plates and screws that are often used to mend broken bones but aren’t designed to be part of the body.

Zreiqat has developed a groundbreaking 3D-printed ceramic alternative that mimics the bone’s properties and acts as a scaffold on which the body can regenerate new bone before gradually degrading.

These are two inspiring stories that will be told in Business Events Australia’s latest installment of the Australia Innovates campaign.

The video series aims to demonstrate the country’s wide-ranging expertise and showcase six Australians pursuing world first research, invention and innovation across several knowledge sectors including artificial intelligence, health, nanotechnology, environmental restoration and advanced manufacturing.

“Our Australia Innovates videos series highlights Australia’s expertise across a wide range of fields, positioning us as a world-leading association meetings destination where delegates can experience innovation firsthand,” said Tourism Australia managing director Phillipa Harrison.

The new Australia Innovates video series is available on the Business Events Australia website and will be promoted to association customers in North America, United Kingdom and Europe through targeted marketing activity.

Watch the trailer below:

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