What did you think of AIME?

Spice caught up with a group of hosted buyers who asked to remain anonymous.

AIME gala

Spice caught up with a group of hosted buyers who asked to remain anonymous.

The updated events schedule ruffled feathers (and not just the ones on the feather boas at the Gala Dinner).

The feedback was that the buyers missed the bell – the one to signify that it’s time to move onto the next appointment – and were grateful when it was brought back on the last day.

They also said that they missed the traditional welcome event because once the show started, they found it hard to find time to catch up with friends, clients and suppliers en masse.

While there were far fewer hosted evening events on the Monday and Tuesday, the buyers said that the ones they attended were of good quality, although one noted that Ezard, the venue chosen by one of the hosts, had terrible acoustics and wasn’t appropriate for a presentation-style gathering.

The feedback on the Gala Dinner was mixed. Many exhibitors didn’t attend because they had already booked their accommodation and flights prior to the event and they said the tickets were too expensive.

For those who attended, the people who were seated with friends said they had a blast. Those seated with people they didn’t know said that they struggled to enjoy the night. Some loved the theming, while others found it ‘cheesy’. All agreed that they were too tired to kick on afterwards and left the event relatively early.

The overall feedback from exhibitors was that it was a quieter show than in previous years.

With regards to the post-famil program, the buyers all agreed that they would much rather devote their weekend to it, as per the original pre-touring format, as opposed to missing two days in the office.

What was your experience? Did you write business? Connect with the perfect supplier? Learn anything valuable at the Knowledge Sessions?

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2 thoughts on “What did you think of AIME?

  1. Boring, expensive, rushed and many vacant spaces…..I expect some of the O/S sellers nicked off to enjoy Melbourne. Where were the bright, brilliantly imaginative shoulder bags to collect valuable info? Come on AIME you can do better than that!

  2. As the supposed premier event for the events industry I’m not sure the event managers have been to a kick ass event. I expect to be wowed by AIME after a number of years I’m still waiting. The PSA system was nothing more than appalling

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