Industry leaders provide tips to young-guns ahead of ACEM program

With less than one month until the Australian Centre for Event Management begins its annual Executive Certificate short courses, SpiceNews spoke to directors Rob Harris and John Allen on tips for getting a head start in the events industry.

With less than one month until the Australian Centre for Event Management (ACEM) begins its annual Executive Certificate short courses, Spice News spoke to Directors Rob Harris and John Allen on tips for getting a head start in the events industry.

Since their inception at the University of Technology Sydney in 1999, the ACEM courses have developed a prestigious global reputation, recognised for the combination of practical activities, case-studies on best practice and invaluable opportunities to network with industry leaders.

Australian Centre for Event Management’s
director, Rob Harris

“We have found the events industry is experiencing an increasing demand for professional staff with recognised skills and qualifications, but who also have a flair for creativity, enthusiasm and an understanding of core components including project management, event marketing and legal or safety issues,” said Rob Harris, ACEM Director.

“While building a track record in the industry does take time, an easy way to get a head start is to work voluntarily on events to build your skills and experience, or to further develop your existing qualifications with a short course like the Executive Certificate.”

“Held in an intimate setting, ACEM courses are designed to give students personal feedback and one-on-one mentorship, providing a fantastic opportunity to network with the ‘who’s who’ of the industry and build your relationships in a relaxed and fun environment.”

According to John Allen, many young people are currently drawn to study events because the industry is growing worldwide and offers people the opportunity to express themselves creatively, whilst also pursuing a career that is also financially rewarding.

ACEM’s John Allen says that the events industry is
alluring to young people because the industry is
growing worldwide and offers  the opportunity|
to express themselves creatively

“For graduates and young professionals looking to get into events, this industry is so appealing as it encapsulates a diverse spectrum of industries, from sport to the arts, and community to corporate or not-for-profit,” said Allen.

“If you don’t know what part of the industry you want to break into, or you are just looking to broaden your experience, ACEM short courses provide an excellent overview of current best practice, illustrated by practical case studies on a variety of different events.”

While ACEM courses do provide an introduction to the industry for graduates or young professionals, advanced event managers will also benefit from training with ACEM to keep abreast of industry trends and innovations.

“An active industry advisory board and regular consultations with global event leaders means we are always in touch with the latest developments at the international level, and we ensure that our course material incorporates this,” said Rob Harris.

“ACEM courses aren’t just for people starting out either. With increased demand for multi-skillers, many jobs today require an element of event management such as those in the areas of PR and marketing and in executive assistant positions.”

In the 11 years that ACEM has been offering events management courses, the centre has clearly become a world leader in the field of event management education. Over 5000 people have attended the short course programs alone, which are held annually throughout Australia and internationally, with regular courses in London, Singapore, Beijing, Edinburgh, Kuala Lumpur, Macau and more.

“All of ACEM’s profits go towards enhancing professionalism within the Australian event industry. Recently we have been able to give back to event managers with the creation of a free carbon calculator for events, as well as providing the largest free online database of event reports and manuals in Australia,” said Rob Harris.

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