Inspire EX cancelled

Sydney-based MICE trade show Inspire EX has been cancelled.


Sydney-based MICE trade show Inspire EX has been cancelled.

Spice sources have confirmed that exhibitors received an email yesterday to confirm that the show, scheduled for August 17-18 at the temporary SCEC at Glebe Island, has been cancelled.

At the time of publication, Spice was unable to contact a spokesperson to confirm the reason for the cancellation.

The Drinks Industry Show was to be co-located with Inspire EX and, once again, Spice was unable to contact a source to confirm whether this show will still go ahead.


2 thoughts on “Inspire EX cancelled

  1. I may be under a rock here, but this is the showcase previously known as RSVP Events isn’t it? Bit of a shame about the cancellation.. It was only the first year of it at a new venue and it was just unfortunate it was pouring rain last year!

    1. not really it’s been dreadful for years which is why they have to re-brand it each year and exhibitor numbers were dropping- same reason they stopped doing the melbourne version. From my memory of exhibiting it was students students and more students walking around pretending to be event organisers. the first 2 years when Single market events ran it- it was fantastic- the year they sold it- not so good and then ETF took over and rebranded it each year. I don’t think the exhibitors got their moneys worth from exhibiting. the experience for exhibitors unless you were a major sponsor was non existent. Perhaps when the new exhibition centre is open we will see a new version and I hope it does improve but sometimes you gotta stop doing it. let the dust settle and have a year or 2 long think about how to make it better. personally I thought they added too many things to the event- which for exhibitors is no good- back to back seminars do work but only when the visitor number is high enough- when the visitor numbers are as low as inspireex a seminar means the exhibition floor empties which is dead time and exhibitors who are the ones paying for it want people walking around the floor- and not in seminars. and playing favourites to certain companies is a big no no

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