Doltone House Reveals New Sydney Venue

Generations in the making, Doltone House's new event space at Darling Island Wharf has been announced.

By Gwen O’Toole

Generations in the making, Doltone House’s new event space at Darling Island Wharf has been announced.

The venue, expected to be a combination of classic design and environmentally conscious construction will be the latest large scale venue on Sydney’s waterfront.

An artist’s impression of Doltone House’s new Darling Island Venue.

Positioned on the waterfront of Sydney harbour, Doltone House’s new Darling Island Wharf venue is set to become Sydney’s newest destination for everything from corporate events, café culture and gourmet cooking classes when it launches in October 2009. Consisting of a 800-seat capacity event centre, intimate boardrooms, a food emporium, buzzing café and live ‘open kitchen’, Doltone House Darling Island Wharf will be a cutting edge addition to the award-winning Doltone House venue and catering portfolio.

A culmination of elegant design and social responsibility, Doltone House Darling Island Wharf features an aesthetic appeal and innovative functional diversity. Clean lines and finishes are balanced with environmentally friendly materials and modern audio-visual technology.

The result is a venue with modern sophistication while employing a green approach to design, construction, materials and operation that will set the benchmark for environmentally sustainable buildings.

The acoustic-inlaid operable doors in the event centre can be manipulated to redesign the space in a plethora of different configurational layouts, transforming the building into an architectural Rubik’s cube. The warm, neutral colour palette employed throughout the site and glass facades allow the iconic Sydney Harbour to take centre stage.

“Darling Island Wharf marks another chapter in the Doltone House Group’s expansion. There is a huge demand for waterfront venues in Sydney and we capitalized on this as an opportunity to add to our portfolio. This project will complement our existing award-winning properties at Jones Bay Wharf and Sylvania Waters, offering a further 1000sqm of event space with uninterrupted harbour views,” said Doltone House managing director, Paul Signorelli.  

“Embracing a total commitment to environmental initiatives and sustainability ultimately provides prospective clients with a healthier space to be in. Every event held at this new venue will have a significantly reduced carbon footprint.”

“In a back to the future move, the new Darling Island project occupies the original harbour site at the old Casino we operated from 1999-2002,” he told SpiceNews.  

For more information on holding your event at any of Doltone House’s existing venues, click here.

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