EEAA Market Monitor advises cautious optimism

The EEAA's latest Market Monitor report has revealed a relatively optimistic outlook for the industry but warns of emerging levels of caution particularly among exhibition and event organisers.

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia’s (EEAA) latest Market Monitor report has revealed a relatively optimistic outlook for the industry but warns of emerging levels of caution particularly among exhibition and event organisers.

Joyce DiMascio, general manager, EEAA said that the insights of the EEAA Market Monitor track key facts and trends about the health of the industry and what’s on the mind of organisers, venues and suppliers.

The report shows that the Lifestyle category dominates the landscape with 38% of organisers delivering exhibitions in this market. It also shows that over 24,000 companies exhibit through events organised by EEAA members. Venues also attribute 30% of revenue to exhibitions.

Industry outlook is positive though EEAA members are pointing to concerns about impacts on their businesses from building and construction at venues, decreasing exhibitor budgets and the domestic economy.

The report also shows that 52% of trade shows and 10% of consumer events included a paid conference component. This is a strong result and shows the growing trend of exhibitions to deliver content and engagement through conferences and seminars associated with the exhibition.

“The stimulatory impact of exhibitions on the conference market is very significant and should not be overlooked by Convention Bureaux around the country and Governments that invest in event procurement mostly in the meetings and conference sector,” she said.

“This data is of enormous value as it helps to paint a fuller and richer story about the importance of trade and consumer exhibitions and events.”

The EEAA implements a six-monthly survey of members designed to capture insights about the health and performance of the exhibition and events industry. Independent research company Micromex Research produces the Market Monitor every six months. The latest sample consisted of 92 unique respondents – including 19 organisers, 47 suppliers and 21 venues. This sample size represents 76% of total EEAA members and provides a low sampling error.

This is the third report produced by the association and it covers the period of July to December 2012 with consolidated results for the 2012 calendar year.

Other key findings include:
• EEAA members organised 146 events, with 24,109 exhibitors participating and 1.3 million visitors attending. Member venues hosted 604 events
• Venues attribute 30% of their turnover to the exhibitions industry
• New events cover industries including lifestyle, homewares, retail, wholesale, health, energy, education and resources
• 53% of organisers are expecting to hold at least one new exhibition in 2013 (down from 60%)
• Victoria dominates new events with 50% of all proposed new events to be held in Victoria
• NSW represents 37% of proposed new events
• On average, suppliers annual turnover for 2012 calendar year was $4.6 million
• 69% of suppliers stated average turnover for 2012 exceeded one million dollars
• The biggest category is the Lifestyle sector for 38% of organisers
• The next categories are Energy and Resources; Health; Hospitality and Retail/Wholesale for 22% of organisers

EEAA General Manager, Joyce DiMascio says that overall the exhibition industry is performing well and that there is forecast for growth. However, it does appear that sentiment across the industry is not uniform with growth in some areas and a softening in others.
The report can be purchased from EEAA for $400. Contact:


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