The Love Boat comes to life in LEGO for Princess Cruises at LEGO Convention

A love of cruising has seen Princess Cruises' famous Love Boat reincarnated in LEGO by a Melbourne fan at Australian LEGO Convention

A love of cruising has seen Princess Cruises’ famous Love Boat reincarnated in LEGO® by a Melbourne fan at

Measuring 3.2 metres long and 1.5 metres high and made from more than 250,000 LEGO bricks, the extraordinary model took six months to build and is the largest single project ever undertaken by professional LEGO builder, Ryan McNaught.

The 3.2 metre structure was built using more than 250,000 LEGO bricks.

The son of Melbourne travel agent Lyn McNaught, 36-year-old  McNaught said he had enjoyed many cruises over the years.

Having recently built a giant Airbus 380 LEGO model, he decided the time had come to tackle a ship.

“I wanted to do something with character so I chose the original Love Boat, Pacific Princess, and studied photos and deck plans to capture her features and her beauty,” McNaught said.

The model was put on display this month at Australia’s LEGO Convention

While one side of the model features the exterior of the famous ship, the other side is an open cutaway revealing all the action inside – from chefs in the kitchen to passengers working out in the health club.

McNaught has also bought the cast of the famous Love Boat TV show to life with LEGO models of the legendary Captain Stubing, Gopher and cruise director Julie, along with some of the show’s most famous guests such as David Hasselhoff.

Flashing LED lights for the disco and tiny motors powering the propellers and lifts complete the picture.

McNaught ( is one of only 12 certified LEGO builders in the world.

Having shown his Love Boat model at Australia’s LEGO Convention – Brickvention – in Melbourne this month, he now plans to move it – by ship, of course – to Chicago for Brickworld. Held in June, Brickworld is one of the largest LEGO conventions in the world, attracting tens of thousands of visitors and featuring 700 exhibitors.

More images of the LEGO Love Boat can be seen by clicking here.


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