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Body Language Hack To Reduce Event Planning Stress

Keynote speaker Anthony Laye shares his simple body language hack that will help event planners handle stressful situations and gain trust from others at the same time.

It’s the big day, 15 minutes before the opening of the conference, you are waiting for the first speaker to arrive with their slides, a delegate is complaining about the registration process, then out the corner of your eye you spot the client walking towards you, they have a concerned look on their face and you know they are about to ask you ‘what the !!!!! is going on?’.

Event Coordination has been listed as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs. With so much on your plate, how do you remain calm, while reassuring your client and team that you are in control? I am going to share a simple hack that not only will keep those around you confident in your event planning prowess, but it will also help you keep your cool.

Gesture From The Stomach

Using your hands to gesture along a horizontal plane in line with your navel is one of the most powerful nonverbal displays you can use to show that you are in control and win trust. Communicating from the belly area subconsciously demonstrates that you are grounded, open, confident and trustworthy. What’s interesting, is gesturing from the stomach area affects your own emotional state, too.

Why This Works (The Science)

Your mind and body are connected; when you act a certain way, you feel a certain way. Gesturing from the belly draws attention to the most vulnerable part of your body and doing this hijacks your mind into thinking: “well everything must be okay if we are exposing that part of the body”, therefore combating and reducing the reptilian brain’s automatic stress response.

Trust is a feeling, not a tangible thing, so help people feel trust in you by using your non verbal’s effectively.

By, Anthony Laye

Behaviour / Mentalist / Speaker

Supporter of PCO Association


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