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4 Reasons why you should reward your team this year with BridgeClimb

The SpiceNews team scaled 134 metres to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb recently for an afternoon as part of a 3.5 hour team-building experience. Find out why we give the climb two thumbs up for the corporate market.

Because climbing a national icon is an unforgettable experience (plus bragging rights)

Whether you’re a Sydney local or a visiting international delegate, a climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge is a pretty big deal. It also makes for  a sweet humble brag back at the office: “We just casually climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. No big deal.”

Because adrenaline-fueled activities bring a team closer together

Many words of encouragement were exchanged between team Spice while we ascended four ladders surrounded by the drone of Sydney traffic and the rumble of the T1 Northshore Line train. The overall experience brought our already tight-knit team closer together. Our pro tip? Don’t look down while you’re descending the ladder.

Because the BridgeClimb team are pros at making an event unique

The climb itself is just the beginning. If you’re really keen to make a lasting impression on your team, a platform near the peak of the bridge is available for  events. A number of exciting experiences have been held there including weddings, karaoke night, and even a light up dance floor during Vivid season. You can even reward your team with canapes at the top before the climb down. If you’re unsure about the possibilities, just ask!

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Vivid, BridgeClimb is bringing back the popular Vivid Climb and has also introduced a special package available for corporate teams, click here for more information. 

Because you come away having learnt a lot

Did you know that during the construction sadly 16 men lost their lives from bridge-related work? Two men fell to their deaths, while one miraculously lived to tell the tale. Your trusty instructor will not only ensure you safely complete the climb, but they are also excellent story-tellers and you will walk away having something new about this iconic landmark.

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