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MEA offer: 6 months of free membership

MEA CEO Linda Gaunt

MEA CEO Linda Gaunt

Following on from the news that ISES will fold, Meetings and Events Australia is offering ISES members 6 months of free membership.

MEA CEO Linda Gaunt said, “MEA was disappointed to hear of the closure of ISES Australia, as we’ve always had a great relationship between our organisations. We’re keen to help ISES members get the same kind of networking and event benefits they had before.”

MEA has had discussions with numerous ISES members, and will be planning special interest events that continue ISES’s strong networking program.

“We want ISES members to bring that energy and knowledge to MEA, and we’ll be working with them to make sure that culture is preserved. We think it will be a great thing for our industry,” said Gaunt.

If you provide proof of current ISES membership and aren’t currently a MEA member, you’ll get 12 months membership for the price of 6 months. MEA annual memberships start at $395 per year, so most ISES members can get their first year’s membership for under $200.

ISES members should contact Natalie Deryahina at MEA on (02) 9295400 or [email protected]



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