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Top 5 things you need to know about AV

No Feeling is Final, 2009, 3 projection digital video wall with sound by Yorgo Alexopoulos

No Feeling is Final, 2009, 3 projection digital video wall with sound by Yorgo Alexopoulos

Spice caught up with Neil Levin from Hire Intelligence to find out what new ‘toys’ event planners have at their disposal.

1. Video Walls – Hire Intelligence now offers semi seamless video wall options. Using Samsung 55″ video wall panels, the most popular configurations are 2 x 2 (110″ diagonal)and 3 x 3 (165″), however they have also done 4 x 2s and 2 x 3s.Hire Intelligence can supply these either wall mounted or on their freestanding truss solutions

2. Touch Screens – Thanks to Apple (and the iPhone and iPad), clients across Australia want touch-enabled screens, and the bigger the better. Hire Intelligence has 32” through to 60” touch screens, again either wall mounted or free standing. Watch this space for an 84” touch screen in the near future.

3. Apple – As mentioned above, Apple anything is a true rental superstar. Whether its 200 iPad Airs for a day, 50 iPhones for a month, Mac Minis, Macbook Retinas, iMacs and Mac Pros, Hire Intelligence has the largest and most up-to-date fleet across this category. Order early though, as utilisation across these items is always high.

4. High End Workstations – An extremely popular rental line particularly for its clients in production, film, advertising, these 16 core Intel beasts come replete with high end graphics cards and a significant amount of memory. Awesome for 3D rendering, CAD and other design work.

5. Notebooks – Still an ever popular hire item, in Hire Intelligence’s case, probably because of their consistent three year fleet refresh. Their latest notebook is the i7 Quad Core Lenovo, complete with 16GB Ram, a 1TB HDD (or 256GB SSD), a dedicated 2GB graphics card and a Full HD 15.6” screen.



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