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Goldwell Reallusion event

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On August 17, Goldwell’s Colour Zoom winners were invited to step into the world of ‘Reallusion’ at Slide Lounge in Darlinghurst.

Funktionality’s partnership with Goldwell saw Slide Lounge transformed with the addition of a large frosted machine-cut logo on the front door, a media wall featuring photographs of innovative and inspirational hairstyles and a body camouflage painting installation.

Funktionality’s black gloss bar tables and tolix stools dressed the space, along with custom metal geometric centrepieces made up of three brass wire cubes, each varying in size, stacked together in an irregular formation and illuminated with small battery operated LEDs.

The Groove Academy provided the soundtrack to the night and Funktionality’s Flipbook Booth captured the crowd dancing, kissing and being silly. These photos were then converted it into a flipbook guests could take home as a memento.


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