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Australia’s first ticketed restaurant opens in Melbourne


Chef Philippa Sibley and restaurateur Jason Jones have partnered to open Prix Fixe, Australia’s first ticketed restaurant.

If you want to dine at Prix Fixe, you will have to buy a ticket online for a fixed-price two-course lunch or four-course dinner set menu.

Jones said, “I have always wanted to create a restaurant that was like a dinner party, thrown every night. We go to a dinner party and eat what our host has cooked for us, but at restaurants we often get lost in menus and choice. So here, you arrive, you sit down and the fun starts.”

Sibley said, “I’ve got a big repertoire, so there’s a lot to draw from. We’ve created a forum for play, provocation and puns, so we’re having a really good time here and the floor staff and diners are having a lot of fun with it, too.”

Designer Fiona Lynch has updated the interiors with mirrored glass, marble, brass and silk, while exposing ceiling fixtures and concrete.



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