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Skycity to build Auckland convention centre

New Zealand’s Parliament has passed legislation that will allow Skycity to design, build, own and operate an NZ$402 million New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC).

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key, also tourism
minister, has been a vocal supporter of the project

In return for this NZ$402 million investment, the legislation extends Skycity’s Auckland Casino Licence to 2048 and provides for an increase in gaming product and other gaming concessions; 230 gaming machines, 40 gaming tables, a further 12 gaming tables that can each be substituted for 20 automated table game terminals, the introduction of cashless cardâ€Âbased gaming, the extension of Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) technology and at least 780 new car parks. The agreement also includes SKYCITY introducing further and additional host responsibility measures.

Skycity chief executive Nigel Morrison said, “The passage of the legislation through Parliament allows us to proceed with developing a world-class convention centre in Auckland. This will be a vital piece of national tourism infrastructure that will reinforce Auckland as a leading international city by attracting high value events and visitors to Auckland and New Zealand. It will enable New Zealand to finally compete for major conventions in this part of the world.

“The NZICC will drive economic growth, jobs, high value international tourism and will become a catalyst for further tourism and entertainment development in the ‘Victoria’ precinct and the Auckland CBD. SKYCITY is fully funding the project, meaning that the NZICC will be delivered without requiring funding from taxpayers or Auckland ratepayers.

“The estimated three-year construction period will require 1,000 construction jobs and will result in Skycity employing an additional 800 New Zealanders when the NZICC is fully operational, over and above the more than 3,500 people we currently employ in Auckland today.”

Based on current anticipated timelines and an approximate three-year construction period, the target date for completion of the NZICC is 30 September 2017.