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The Ideas Library launches

Event organisers that need a spare pair of hands can now call upon the expertise of event industry professionals The Ideas Library.

The Ideas Library’s Gwen O’Toole, former and founding editor of Spice, said, “We’ve both spent years being asked our suggestions for the best venues, the right caterer, or the best destination for events of all types, weddings to conferences. We can even assist in helping you get the perfect graphic designer or web developer, anything and everything you might need to make your event a success.”

For event industry suppliers, The Ideas Library can assist in generating creative content for websites, social media, assist with marketing and public relations, as well as organising famils and hosted events to connect them with interested organisers.

“We understand that companies recognise the importance and want to have a presence online, be it via Twitter and Facebook or a blog. However, often these companies don’t necessarily have the time or knowledge in how to successfully market themselves to the right people. We can do that,” said Megan Luscombe, co-founder of the business.

Visit the Ideas Library by clicking here.

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